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Kanban Commerce is the ultimate tool to create, streamline, and build your product inventory data.

Do you want all your data easy to build and accessible from multiple devices? Do you want your data to quickly adapt to new opportunities? Do want to know that all your efforts to create your product data will meet the current and future demands of the wholesale and retail world?

Kanban Commerce has built a Universal Product Listing Creator. It is an innovative product platform designed to streamline, fully integrate, and synchronize inventory product data. It builds extremely accurate and powerful data about each product a business sells. It truly gives a company the ability to create their product data once and use it over and over again in 1000?s of different ways to market locally to globally. Whether the business is a bricks and mortar that needs a fully automated POS linked to their inventory or an omnichannel retailer doing business on multiple marketplaces and social sites, Kanban Commerce can build it. A business never has to rework their inventory data again to meet current and future opportunities.

All a business needs to know to make it happen are the details about their products ? they don?t even need to brainstorm a product title as Kanban builds it. Once the product profile is created Kanban Commerce builds over 300 pieces of information about the product that are used to increase product sales in store and online. All shopping feeds are created and submitted to promote products to online buyers. As marketplaces and search engines change their requirements for optimal listings, Kanban changes easily with them.

Every business that sells products on the retail or wholesale level needs this product to build their inventory data once. Kanban can even extract data from a business?s current inventory to start the building process. A tool this powerful in the past was only available to huge corporations due to the cost of building and maintaining. Today?s technology makes it possible for all sizes of business to have this powerful data tool whether they are a small bricks and mortar, a traveling flea market venture, an online retailer, or a small chain of wholesalers.

Kanban Commerce works!!

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